Backyard Botanic

Naturally Dyed Rope Bowl


The cutest little naturally dyed, handmade rope bowl we ever did see. The perfect home for your favourite house plant, or to help you beautifully store things on a shelf.

Measures: 5" high x 7.5" wide, 5.5" base.

    • 100% organic cotton
    • 100% plant-based dye
    • 100% Ⓥ vegan 

About the process:
"Dyed from local plants harvested sustainably in British Columbia. We use rain water and the organic plant to colour each item and bring them to life. Each item you purchase is uniquely yours and no two are the same. Everything we sell is hand crafted out of organic fabric in its natural state prior to the dye bath."

Maker: Victoria Duggan, Backyard Botanic

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