Salt Spring Goods



For the serious small batch food lover. 

-Salt Spring Island Chili Oil
-Powwa Pancakes
-Salt Spring Sea Salt, Rosemary + Garlic
-Harlan's Chocolate, Bear Paws (caramel filled!)
-Salt Spring Kitchen Co., Pineapple, Turmeric + Achiote Hot Sauce
-Salt Spring Kitchen Co., Candied Jalapeños
-Salt Spring Island Artisan Vinegar, British IPA Malt Vinegar

Gluten free

This is a pre-order that will be shipped on or before January 31st, 2021. Anything else you purchase on the same order will be included in the same box/shipment as well.

We, along with the makers, will do everything in our power to ensure the items received are exactly as shown. However, should we run out of a specific colour, flavour etc, we will replace it with another equally amazing one - don't worry.

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