Island Soap Co.

Face Scrub


This scrub uses sugar and charcoal to exfoliate and absorb excess oils. It'll leave dull, oily or acne-prone skin looking bright and matte. The lavender and tea tree not only lend to it's lovely scent but also to healing the skin of imperfections. It can be applied to the face, back, arms etc. as an acne preventative and treatment. Keep those pores feeling healthy - exfoliate!

How to:
Wet your face, then scoop a small amount into your hands. Lightly wet and mix into a paste. Massage over skin, then rinse.

Key ingredients:
Activated charcoal, sugar, olive oil, tea tree, lavender, all natural.


"Tested on family and friends not animals."

Maker: Tamara Wesley, Island Soap Co.

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