When we are shopping for ourselves, we are serious about doing the research. Not only about the quality of the item itself, but also who our purchase supports. 

What are their values?
How's their moral compass?
Are they actively participating in anti-racist work?
Do they exploit people? 
Are they working to protect the enviornment?
When they screw up, do they make reparations, do they do better? 

We want to make your research easy, so we are sharing our commitments, values and goals with you up front.

Who are we?

We are two Salt Springers, local here for the last 3 years and counting. We are engaged and this is the place we have intentionally chosen to be our home, to raise our future children. We are queer, cis-women. One of us is Brown Latinx and born and raised in Mexico. The other is white, born and raised in Canada. We're under 30, have two dogs, and live and operate this business in under 800 square feet from our cabin.

What's our greatest goal?

The world as we know it must move towards being a more equitable place - we have to take care of the earth and each other better. We believe that if humanity can be the problem it also can be the solution to a healthy, abundant earth and livelihood for all.

Words are nice... but how does that look, tangibly?

Our anti-racist, environmental and equity commitments

  • we offset the carbon emissions from every package we ship to our customers: our shipping is certified carbon offset, verified by a third party we have partnered with and through whom we purchase verified carbon offsets: the Canadian-owned and operated Carbonzero
  • our commitment to anti-racist work goes hand in hand with our carbon offsetting as we intentionally choose to fund offsetting projects that benefit underserved, racialized communities and BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of colour) lead projects first
  • we support Canadian and internationally-based carbon offsetting projects that create jobs and in turn support the local communities where they are developed
  • we work hard to source our packaging materials from nearby sources
  • we hire locally and pay fair, living wages
  • + more

We continue to update and expand these commitments. This work is always a work in progress. If you have more insights, feedback, concerns or comments know that we are listening and welcome your message. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.