Owned + operated by a local couple from
their little cabin on Salt Spring Island.

We are fuelled by decaf coffee, good meals with friends, still-warm baked goods, expansive ocean views and being able to see the stars at night. Our love of high-quality made-to-last products inspired us to make accessing our unique island made goods, easier to do - by bringing them all together in one place.

"Our way of life is 'different' here. Living with the ocean on all sides and among the trees, we all seem to move at a pace that matches the seasons. The hum of the summer, the retreat of winter. Surrounded by so much beauty, we have an appreciation for the good things in life, which more often than not happen to be the simple things. Curling up with a good cup of freshly brewed coffee. The warmth of an old wool sweater. Hot days spent cultivating the garden, daily plunges in the lake. Foggy nights with the smell of wood smoke in the air. It ignites a magical feeling, no matter how long you've lived here or how short your visit. It's that little bit of 'island magic' that can be found in every piece created here. We bring these handmade goods to you with the intention of positively impacting your life, your wellness, and your home. Just the way they impact ours. We lovingly refer to it all as island made living."

We are a brown latinx + white, queer owned business that operates on Coast Salish Traditional Territories of the Hul'quimi'num and Senćoŧen speaking peoples. We are committed to building an equitable, anti-racist business that considers our environmental and social impact with every business decision we make. Read more about our values here.